Appraisal: The use and the role of this best practice.

We all appreciate and ask for the recognition and respect of our employers. Believe it or not this can be very motivating and very encouraging for us workers to work at our discretion for the well being of our own and of our employers.

The purpose or use of the appraisal for both sides (employers and employees) is a very significant one as this can offer prosperity at a very low cost to both sides. I am saying this because an appraisal can reveal many issues that can be rectified in the working environment. Appraisal is the tool that can discover if the employees are working in the right position and if not, they can be rotated, Appraisal can also discover if the employees are really working and not just exist to get paid at the back of the hard working employees. For most of these kinds of employees, appraisal is scary and they are reacting by stating that appraisal is insulting and that the management should do it because it shows that the management does not trust them.

Contrary to the above, appraisal has a significant role to play to the increase of performance and to the better quality of the work in the Company. A proper performance appraisal has to be done by people who are not acquainted to staff except know their work and their progress in the Company. Employers can turn to outsource providers of HR Services to conduct appraisal needs to the employees but this will need some orientation first as to the job description, the tasks that everyone is doing and after that to initially talk with every employee. Thereon, monitor each department and then, conduct the appraisal. According to this appraisal, in my opinion, lots of problems will be solved as they are going to be obvious.

I believe, that the Companies in Cyprus have to start using this best practice of appraisal in order to be able to increase their performance and use their human capital as best as possible, keeping the best, and giving the chance to the others to find what they can do best.