Competent or Incompetent?

There are people who work in different business environments, holding different, high positions. At first we think that if these people are holding such high position, they are competent and capable… In essence, this is not the case… unfortunately.

There are people who might not be as educated as others but they can be more competent can comprehend better the type of work that they are doing, but are not being promoted because they do not hold a certain degree…. I believe that this is unfair towards the capability and competency of the people who are trying to make the most of their work. This is part of motivation. Recognition and merit is a “reward” to people who give everything for their work and who like it… they will like it even more and they will produce and perform even better…

There are also people who are being assigned a position, and they are improving for a certain period of time. Then they take it for granted and their progress stops. As if they give up or they are fed up and they seem like they refuse to progress….This case seems to me like a horse that does not want to move from where he is and the person is trying to pull his reins but in vain. No progress and no difference…

There are also people who just have to be in a position just to get paid and waste their years without doing anything significant. As we know time flies and people who are active would love to make the most of it. These people just let time go by and they are not even waving goodbye. They will understand what they’ve lost not in time but too late to catch up.

I think that the competent people, are restless and strong people who do not rest and are thirsty to feed their mind and senses with knowledge, with views, with mystery… The people who are always seeking to find solutions, and who are optimistic in life are the competent ones, the ones that can adapt to changes of our time and era. These people are usually people who can tame the fast pace of our times and make it their own.

These people are the ones who are able to survive and have technology and other new distractions to serve them, instead of them serving those distractions and become their virtual prisoners. These people are competent enough to be FREE.