Motivation – what if it does not exist?

Motivation: A four syllable word with such a significant meaning… Motivation refers to the well-being and the satisfaction of the human capital and the company itself, with the utmost goal to increase people’s performance and in essence the performance of the company that the people work in.

If motivation does not exist in a company people are going to be working for the monthly salary, and they will not give their best for the company to achieve good performance. The human capital will not really care about the performance of the company, and the culture that will be developed within the company will be somewhat negative or vain. It is better for both sides to work in a positive environment rather than in an environment with a negative vibe.

Motivation helps to give a “push” to the human capital of the company to go that extra mile for their personal benefit, as well as to approach more to achieving the goals of the company.

It is very important for motivation to exist in the company because, in the end, it contributes to the development of a good and positive culture within the human capital with the aim of self development, as well as the accomplishing of the company’s expectations.