Reality and Dreams

We sometimes think that reality is close to our dreams. Sometimes we think that it is easy to pursue them and so we take risks even if we think that we are going to succeed. Looking for something and being optimistic that this can be found in real life is very good. Not in real life though.

Bad luck and failure of risks make us stronger and stronger and therefore it makes appreciate situations differently. It is the best thing to take the positive outcome of the negative situations and move on.

In real life there is no perfection. The best we can find is near to perfection and this can be considered as success. We can make dreams to be reality but only with hard work and with modesty. The greater success that we can have is our personal serenity and our personal wellbeing.

A dream can become eventually a hobby and tied up with a person’s reality. This is what I did. I have my hobby which I truly love, and it helps me with my reality to overcome situations in my working life. Problem solving, crisis management, communication, leadership, training, motivation and everything that is entailed to human capital development is my hobby.

Therefore, I am happy having a great hobby and being able to work productively in sectors that are being offered in the labour market. I am happy as well because I have come to excellent terms with myself and that I am able to give consultation to people that need it or guide them to solve their problems by themselves as I did.