What is really the use of a research? Thinking about it, our whole life is a research; In my opinion, we cannot live without it. We are conducting a research for the best idea, the best restaurant, the best place to go, the best presentation, even the best coffee for our taste, the best make up, which are not specialised and other kinds of specialised researches to achieve different specialised results mostly in the workplace, the election pols, the environment, demographics etc.

In the workplace, research is a tool… A tool which can help entrepreneurs start an innovation, to discover where the company stands, what they can do to improve and at the end what they have achieved. This kind of research is rewarding because it gets things moving as we say.

Making a research is very helpful to discover what is wrong with what we do and we cannot succeed. Research is the start, or better, its like admitting that we are doing something wrong and we want to know what it is, to correct it.

Research can also help us if it is being conducted in different parts in every step of the innovation to discover new methods of policy in our company as the research evolves, to bring the same or better results as “the ones written in the books” because as we know, every establishment is unique and they have unique human capital, something that a “book” is just a mere guideline.

There can be a research basically in every sector in the company starting from management level and business strategy, to the last person in the Human Capital of the Company, determining a better structure, better job descriptions, discovering the need for some employees to be rotated, trained or motivated for better performance and thereon, achieve a better performance in the company, bringing with it a better image to the exposure of the company.

This outcome is brought from research, a word that was never thought by anyone who has no specialisation but yet is in our lives for anything that we would like to do in the way we like to do it.