We provide a full range of services relating to human capital to our customers in both the private and public sectors. We focus on information and flexibility. We have the strategies, tools and experience to provide optimal solutions that cover a wide range of needs.

Job descriptions - Organization charts

We can create job descriptions of the positions that are available within the company, as well as to generate the organizational structure of the Company in an attempt to start the tidying process of the Company. This will class the client as privileged by having job descriptions governing each position and knowing where each member of the human capital works.

Management contracts

We undertake to discuss the need for management contracts between the company and members of human capital, and the preparation and processing them to better protect the rights of both the management and the employees.

Filling Vacancies

We can fill or supervise the recruitment process in the Company including attending the interview or undertake to interview and screen suitable staff to fill a vacancy when needed, in order to avoid unnecessary costs to the company.


We can conduct research to determine if there are educational needs in the human capital of the company, and offer the best educational solutions either through HRDA or through other educational institutions to achieve the proper development of the company and to enable the company to achieve its goals and even increase them.

To keep pace with a changing world and provide good service for our clients, has become a necessity.

Being aware of this fact, we can also help to develop people in all levels of the company and guide them to have goals, do their work efficiently and succeed by creating customized training sessions for the specific needs of each company or establishment. Knowing where we are going is very simple, and with training even simpler.


We provide the opportunity to the company to investigate and evaluate its human capital in terms of its growth, psychological state and level of motivation in order to give the management a correct image in terms of their performance. In addition the company’s needs with regards to education, rotation ability or motivational factors of the staff are met.

Succession Plan

We can help you pinpoint your key positions and help you find within the company people who can replace them, saving the company time and money in quest of a suitable person from the market outside the Company.

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services on issues related to the company’s leadership and communication at management and employee level and recommend solutions depending on what type of company the clients have and what the clients want to achieve, including the type of human capital that exists therein. We also provide these services on issues related to the control of stress, time management organization, teamwork, culture, culture change, and employee relations, aiming to maintain good mental state of human capital because we believe that the concentration comes due to a good psychological condition.

Business plan

We undertake to create or update the business plan of the clients company, discussing with the client and putting everything on paper, starting from the company structure, product and services offered, the vision, the mission, as well as long term and short term goals.

Corporate Research

In collaboration with the right people, we are able to conduct research on legal, HR and other issues.

The aim of our research is to yield the best results and answer the questions that concern our clients.

CV Consulting

We offer Consulting Services and we are able to assist you in drafting your curriculum vitae (CV).

We can help you to showcase your most powerful skills which will help you find a job.

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